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Originally Posted by Gatewayuser
Because it always turns nasty when it gets to this point when its a younger person. I am all for young people taking care of lawns it builds business knowledge.
I'm 16 and I have 10 accounts and am annoyed that this kid has 30 accounts but cares nothing about them. I could easily have 30 but I am not going to promise that I can take care of their property and then drop them because I can't manage my own schedule. I DON'T take advantage of people like this kid does. He will never make it if he continually get customers/accounts for a short peroid of time and then decides he can just drop them and make up some BS story so he doesn't look bad. He also can't have these commercails like he states because no one in their right mind would hire someone who doesn't have insurance. I DO. If this kid wants to be respected on here or any where then he must also give respect and to get 30 accounts just to make a quick buck and then dropping them is bad business, shows that you are rude and also uncaring to say the least. To make it any where in life you must make a name for yourself and how he is running his business and acting will only get him a name that nobody will hire or want to be around. For you to backup this kid shows that you either don't care about your customers or you haven't FULLY READ this thread. I also am for kids my age to start their own business and to learn something new but at least do it the right way and have some self-respect about it.

Sorry for bashing you on your english but its some of the worst I have seen on here. Everyone has problems but its what you do with your problems is what really matters.

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