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While it is rewarding to be self employed. I don't think I would give up a career job with benefits and a retirement plan and paid vacations to go into the lawn service business full time. You didn't say whether the above applies to you. So I dont know if you are giving up that much. Everyone seems to think at the start that this business has a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Unless you are planning on getting into this bigtime with a large crew and with the headaches that go along with that. Like finding and keeping good seasonal workers. You will find the net income results not that attractive.<br>The lawn service business is saturated at this point. The competition is fierce. Seems I cannot go anywhere without seeing several crews practically running over each other. Prices on average have not kept up with inflation. Where other services have skyrocketed in price. Ours has stayed the same or decreased. When you start depending on this as you sole income. Then it might not be so much fun. Maybe very hard to let any jobs go that are difficult or do not pay very well. Or that the customer is a pain to work for.
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