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Ethics/Loyalty/Service/Wants POLL

OK, here's a good "what would you do?" poll...

Here's the situation...

I'm in the market for some new trimmers, and I have been lagging around about getting a really light trimmer (a Robin 2050 specifically) and I've just never gotten around to it. But now, getting a light trimmer has shifted to first on my priority list.

Now, here is my situation....

Dealer #1 knows I'm in the market for new stuff, as this is where I have purchased some parts recently. I do a fair amount of parts business with them, as in I often end up there for parts others do not have in stock. I have some of the parts I bought that are of no use to me. They will probably allow me to get a refund.

They have been a little better at coming through for me than most and I would give them a 'B' I guess. So if they refund me for this stuff, well then I sort of feel like I should buy new from them. But they do not carry Robin. Only Echo, RedMax and Stihl, and they don't carry any units lighter than say the Echo 210.

Dealer #2 also knows I am in the market. They carried Robin for a short period, and now have RedMax. Well, low and behold, RedMax has a near clone of the Robin 2050, just a little heavier (2300S). So of course he suggests the unit and I tell him I have never owned any RedMax stuff at all. Then he offers me a demo of a larger unit so I can see if the vibes are ok with me. I think this is VERY important and try my best to buy from places that will let you demo.

This along with the fact that I have tried my best to give him some of my business every time I have made a purchase since he has opened... But so far I haven't bought the first thing... well I feel bad in a way, and I'd feel worse if I demoed and did not buy.

Dealer #3 has no idea at all, and also happens to be the last one I'd like to see get my money. But he has the Robin I want in stock at the right price that I wish dealer #2 had.

So I'm stuck in a situation of Ethics/Loyalty/Service/Wants...

So the poll is, who would you buy from?

Dealer #1 who doesn't leave you stuck with new parts that are useless to you, but does not have what you wanted exactly, but has acceptable stuff?

Dealer #2 who offers you an important demo and you want to give him some business, but does not have what you wanted exactly, but has acceptable stuff?

Dealer #3 who has exactly what you want, but doesn't know you are looking to buy, and is only a C average establishment with a good parts department?

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