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Originally Posted by PaulJ
I'd see if dealer 1 would let you demo a redmax also and order you the one that dealer 2 has that you like. Otherwise dealer 2 but If the robin is the only one that is exactly what you want, the only one that has the features you want and nothing else will make you as happy then go with 3.
I strongly doubt dealer 1 would offer me a demo.
I could be wrong, but I doubt it.
The smallest RedMax he stocks is the BCZ2401S (11 lbs)
I'm not really against that option so much, and he could order me the other (9 lbs)

He also has the Echo 210 & 210i as well as the Stihl FS80 at 11 lbs.
But I am not experienced with any of those flex cable driven machines.
The last thing I owned with that type of drive paralized me with the vibration.
But that was YEARS ago too, so.... (may be 100% improved now?)

Anyways, one thing is for sure, if I show up returning uneeded repair parts and get a refund, I'm going to feel obligated to buy a trimmer from him, and he will realize I'm buying elsewhere if I don't.

Same deal with the other dealer. If I take his RedMax demo, I'm going to feel obligated to buy from him in a way. Even if I hate the RedMax product I'm going to feel bad about it, because I've considered him/his products for every purchase I've made since he opened and haven't ended up buying a single thing from the poor guy yet. Heck, at this point I'd sorta feel bad if I didn't pick up the demo in the morning....


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