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I'm using Amsoil in my stuff. Change nce a year. From what I can tell they are running cooler and I know the oil isn't getting cooked and thickening up as bad as "regular" oil does. Also running Amsoil ATF in my truck transmissions, with the heat generated when plowing I want the extra temperature capability of synthetic in there. I do change filers at about half the oil interval, put on a new filter and top off with new oil and go the rest of the season. Also using Amsoil 2-stroke oil, no smoke, plugs last forever and and the trimmers are noticeable cooler after you've been running them hard for awhile. I buy the 2-stroke in little pouches, one per gallon. When my can gets down a little I empty in a pouch and add a gallon of fuel. Good luck so far with all the synthetics I have tried
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