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A few thoughts.

1: I don't buy clones. If I wanted a Robin I'd buy a Robin. 1 pound heavier is a lot of weight when we're talking trimmers. I bought a DC because I wanted a DC. The Landscaper looked a lot like the DC with orange paint but it wasn't a DC. I think there are few people who would argue with that.

2: We're talking a $200 trimmer here right? Buy the Robin and if it has a problem take it back to the dealer you bought it from. In fact, that's so cheap I'd buy 2 of them and keep one as a spare in case the dealer is a lamer and takes forever to fix one if it breaks.

3: Don't assume that the Redmax 2600 is going to be a fair demo of the 2300. It's a bigger trimmer and as such may not act the same as the smaller trimmer.

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