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Got Chaps?

Got my bill from the hospital today, hedge clipper to the knee and 3 stitches.
528.16---------That equals 7 pairs of chaps.
I haven't gotten the bill from the doctor yet.
I DO have a pair of chaps now, loaners until mine come in.
Funny, I talked to a guy at the shop on friday about chaps etc... He was buying a pair of clippers. His eyes glazed over about the subject.
Funny how stupid people can be sometimes.
I didn't know this type of injury was so common or I would have had them before now. I just wanna shake all you guys by the shoulders if you don't have any or think it won't happen to you. I could use that money for better things as you probably would agree. Tony
btw....This is the most active forum so, I thought posting here was appropriate.
Remembering all my departed friends.

NObama '08
NoMoreObama '12
Well, I hope everyone is happy now.
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