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Sounds like a maple to me. And, theres not much to do. Grass will have a hard time under there with that dense shade, and even though I know it should work, I never really have seen groundcovers do all that well either. Its one of those &quot;just live with it trees&quot;. <p>Covering the roots with top is not necesarrily a good thing as it may choke the tree. I know a guy who does this.<p>He first uses wood chips, basically what comes directly out of a chipper, and puts them at about 2 inches deep. He then covers those with a inch of higher grade mulch. He said the woods chips supposely give the roots more breathing space than the mulch does. I don't know about that, but its just an idea and if you tell it to a customer, it sounds like you know what you are doing. In a lot of cases, that is all that matters.
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