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Surface rooting is usually caused by suffocation of rootzone. Roots of all except a few water plants must take in air through root; plants do have a respiration process. If there is a condition that inhibits this, like overirrigation(the most common) or heavy soils, roots will grow to surface to get air. You will also find surface rooting on hills sometimes from erosion.<p>Any of the suggestions above would be useless if overwatering is the root cause of the problem, because the roots will come back up. Also must consider that roots grow in diameter over time. If you cover the root 1&quot; below new soil level, a much larger diameter root will be pushing up 10 yrs from now.<p>Smitty, the only simple solution might be a different groundcover in this area. But if overwatereing is the problem, that will stress the new plants.<p>Overirrigation is the greatest cause of problems in urban & suburban landscapes, not natural causes. Second largest problem is overfertilization. Then we get to disease & insect problems.<p>----------<br>Jim<br>North central Indiana
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