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This brings me to a interesting topic. I just looked at a new encore mower, and it has the detachable fuel tank system, so that you can buy extra tanks, and when you need a fill up, you just grab a full one and switch. <p>NOW, heres a real good question? Are those replacement tanks OSHA approved?<p>Think about it. Are the tanks that are attached to your mowers any differen't than the cheap tanks we've been using for years and now find out aren't OSHA approved. Think what this could mean. If there is a problem, osha could come along and say all our mowers have non'approved tanks!<p>Now, maybe theres differences between tanks already attached to our equipment and tanks used for transporting fuel seperately, but the overall fact is just proof on how ridiculous this whole OSHA thing really is.<br>Before we know, we'll have side impact bars on all our mower so in case of a collision, the fuel tanks won't blow up! The whole OSHA thing is such a joke. They draw imaginary lines everywhere on what is and what isn't safe. There's no limit to it, and something needs to be done before we need a license just to fill our equipment with gas.
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