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Originally Posted by J&R Landscaping
What dealer do you have the deom from? Will dealer #1 let you demo anything? If so, why not demo the smaller redmax trimmer from them. If you do bussiness with, they should be cool with letting you demo one.
Dealer #2 is the one that offered me a demo. After a lot of thought, I felt it was atleast worth a try, you know.... as being able to demo is important to me.

I was also lucky enough to get a demo of the smaller RedMax trimmer from him as well.

I put up a review here on the smaller one (2300) that I'm about to bump to the top.
I feel like an azz about it, but I've had it since Friday, and unfortunately I'm rather UNIMPRESSED.

I feel bad about it, and would like to take it back to trade it out for the 2600 demo. This unit is not likely to get my light trimmer business. But I would like to try the 2600 since I also have an old Stihl FS85 that died recently. That would give me one more chance of buying something from the guy. But if I don't like the 2600 either, I'll feel twice as bad... ya know????

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