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Hello:<p>I know the gas prices is bad & everybody is catching hell over it. But if you figure every lawn on a individual basis, the cost is not that much. Yes I know over a months time gas has went up 25% or so higher than what you have been paying. What I mean is your monthly gas is 25% or more.<p>But here is the thing to think about, don't let gas prices dictate what you are going to charge to cut grass.<p>I was a firm believer in this. <p>ALWAYS CHARGE AS MUCH AS THE MARKET CAN BARE & THEN SOME IF POSSIBLE!<p>Always figure your time & what you get paid per lawn. Do this everytime. Make you a chart most profitable down to least profitable. Raise the least profitable.<p>When you got about all you can handle, then it is time to charge more when bidding. The people that will pay more right off the bat are the ones to keep.<p>My 3rd year I had to borrow lots of money to expand. I got a bad attitude & a nasty one at that.<p>When I was going on these jobs that I thought $35 or $40 was top dollar per cut & all the market could bare. I was quoting $45, $50 & even $60. I was getting them left & right. Then I went back & raised my least profitable.<p>WE all think we are good & we are! Again one more time, repeat?<p>ALWAYS CHARGE AS MUCH AS THE MARKET CAN BARE & THEN SOME IF POSSIBLE!<p><br><p>----------<br>GrassMaster - Home:<br>My Start Up Page
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