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we're an S corp from day 1 also .....due to the liability issues & tax perks ....(also in Fla .....corp officers do NOT have to be covered under WC ....the employees are thou)

....each year we hold one of our annual corporate meetings at the Daytona 500 & Pepsi 400 ...almost everything one does is "business related" dinners, "stress seminar's or corporate meetings", company vehicle & gas.....long as business is discussed or related.....keep the receipt or even better just use the corporate card ;->

ultimately it is the companies $$ being spent ...I'm just a major stock hold whom happens to be an officer of the corp..... it lowers the companies taxable income ....n every company perk less after tax dollars of your own you would have paid anyways on purchases ....even though my Accountant say's I can't use the Big Screen TV as a write off ...I was able to purchase a "Corporate Digital Camera"

Talk to a CPA ....they will SAVE you $$$ .....we pay our selves monthly .....

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