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Originally Posted by Tharrell
Well, I got the final bill from the hedgeclipper ordeal. The doctor bill is $424.00. Add that to the $528.16 hospital bill for a grand total of $952.16.
All for 3 stitches.
I wish I had a block of C-4.
Nope, I would have a hard time figuring out who needed it the most. Politicians, lawyers, doctors, hospital administrators, insurance companies or maybe their stockholders. Who the hell is to blame for this nonsense?
Anyway, I wish had worn chaps.
It's all of those sue-happy greedy sob's who think they should get millions over a simple Doc error... they make mistakes too, and all of us pay for it with high insurance and/or over-the-top hospital bills.

You went straight to the E.R... right?
Take a few minutes next time, grab a phone book, call a few Doc offices to find one that will stitch you up, many will because they know it will be good money for quick work compared to their daily grind of office visits for allergies, pap-spears and the rest. Mine told me he feels a bit more like a real Doc when he actually gets to fix someone without a pill.
However, don't tell the Doc's office that it was a power tool that bit you - they might say no because they fear addition inner damage such as tendons, etc. Just tell them sharp metal.
Of course go to the E.R. if you really have an emergency.

By avoiding the E.R. you cut the cost by more than half - my last cut cost me about $375 for 6 and took 15 minutes.

And lastly, go do something else when the hedger gets heavy and you start to struggle with it... clean up some of the mess until your arms catch up.
If you keep going with arm fatigue your asking for it.
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