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Originally Posted by mowpart rep
This book is one of the best tutorials for SPANISH TO ENGLISH on the market. Give it to your LEGAL non English speaking employees and see what happens. It is expensive however it is well worth it. As for all the controversy I am amazed! What an eye opener! Since we at want to better serve please continue to speak up. It is greatly appreciated. If enough of you want us to take the book off our site we will do it. Remember we want you to feel like it is your site and we will cater to you!!!
Your thread title is "Spanish Phrases for the Landscaping Industry", which reads as "Learn Spanish so you can talk to your non-English guys about work"... to me anyway, and apparently many others.

So it seems that our outrage and your bewilderment is due to your not-so-clear original post.

If this book of yours will help Spanish-speaking employees communicate better by learning some English then I am allllllllll for it.
I hope you sell them by the truckload.
Alternatively, if the book is meant to teach us how to talk to them in Spanish... then I hope your headed to hell wearing gasoline soaked underwear.

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