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I mow in high gear at 5.2 mph with my present 62&quot; deck mated to a 18 hp v-twin kohler. That's a good<br>2 1/2 acres an hour. As far as going any faster the quality of cut will suffer.<br>You have to remember I am cutting the fields<br>in season at 1 1/2 inches (mostly bluegrass)<br>in one pass and there is no noticable clippings.<p>I would rather not buy someones problem mower<br>(ZTR) for I have two good 16HP kohler twin<br>traction units that can handle a 62&quot; deck.<p>Has far as being easier I have come to know<br>and love my standard sit down toro sulky or<br>I can change to a stand on turf rider in one<br>minute.<p>I don't want to spend a lot of money I just<br>want to put a machine togeather to back up<br>the 62&quot; I have in service.
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