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Originally Posted by Rickco
The only phrase I need to convey to any non english speaking person is go away. Employee or not,you cant walk the walk if you cant talk the talk.
I was surprised to hear on the world news this summer of some of the people we have deployed in Iraq and Afganistan that are not US citizens. They do however speak Spanish and fight for this country. They will become citizens when the time comes. No complaints. Provided they make it back. They want to better themselves and their families. BTW these people are bi-lingual, if they can learn a language to better themselves, why can't we learn one to better our companies? There will always be illegals and troublemakers. I wonder if anyone keeps stats on Americans doing the same thing? My son was a linguist in the service and I have a 7 yr. old grandson that is fluid in Chinese, Cambodian, English and now is learning SPANISH in school. I wonder if he would understand the reluctance to learn a little Spanish.
I know we are flooded with illegals but the great thing about this country is our ability to adapt. I see nothing wrong with the book.
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