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Here's a better idea........

Why don't you buy a whole bunch of "English for Dummies" books and sell them whole sale.

This catering to people who can't speak English crap is out of control.

You know what the worst is? It's bad enought you have to talk to automated services when you call anyone, but now i have to push a button to talk english!!!!! WTF????

Part of being a US citizen is learning the language. All you companies that hire illegals are only hurting yourself, especially if you get caught.

Make them learn english.
Make them become a citizen and pay taxes.
Make them perform their civic duties.
Make them teach their children the same.

I know Spanish and took 6 years of it in school. Although I can't speak it fluently, plus i'm really out of practice....I can understand what people are trying to say.

I have alot of guys who come in my shop that don't speak good engish, but I refuse to speak spanish because I feel like I'm fueling the fire. The only advantage is that when they just can't say what they want in english, I can understand spanish enough to help them, then I tell them what they need in english. Surer than **** time they come in, sometimes they actually remember!!!

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