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Originally Posted by AlpineNaturescapes
Steinernema carpocapsae (Sc) nematodes are wonderful for this pest. If you see the moths, put them down now. We put ours down in May, and don't have any worries the rest of the year. They also work on Billbug this way. Many ants and fleas too. Don't seem to get any beetle grub either, although Hb is recommended for them.
So you put down an application in May for billbugs, sod webworms, fleas, ants, and grubs? Do you advertise it like this to your customers? Do you put down another application in August for white grubs or do the nematodes from May control them?

I put them down this year for the first time. Can't wait to see the results, but am a little worried. We have high clay soils, and some customers didn't water the nematodes in i think. I know you are supposed to water before and after application, but it is tough to get customers to do this. When applying in May doesn't the summer heat kill off alot of the nematode population?
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