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Originally Posted by Scag48
Sorry to bust your bubble man, and don't take this wrong way man because I was your age once. I'm 20 now, and I wanted all the landscaping business when I was 16, but it never happened. Focus on mowing, it's the most money you can make for a kid your age. Trust me dude, I've been there. I got into landscaping when the time was right and from there I got into excavation. At 16, the lawn maintenance is a big undertaking, don't try to take on the whole world. There's alot more money to be made in mowing for a kid your age than landscaping. Focus on getting a lawn empire built by buying the right trucks and equipment, don't get yourself spread out buying equipment for multiple divisions when you should just be focusing on one at this point. Do one thing well first, then expand from there. Once you have the lawn maintenance thing hammered down, a good customer base and a steady income, then extend yourself into other lines of service. Right now, you're trying to do it all. What happens if you get into the landscaping market and the demand goes soft? Get the lawn business extremely well structured and steady, then when you're ready to take on a new challenge you can afford to make some mistakes because they will happen, believe me on that. There will come a time where you screw something up or something comes along that is going to cost you out your @$$ and if you don't have that steady income from your lawn customers, you're outta biz bro.

Like I said, I'm not trying to shut you down because that always pissed me off too, people telling me I couldn't do stuff and I ended up proving them wrong, I'm just trying to help you out because I've been through it.
Great advice and I would have to agree with it. I sub out all my landscape/hardscape work to a local guy. He gives me a price discount, I tell the client how I work that side of my business and they agree. I take a small amount home for doing some paper work. I haven't invested a bunch of money into equipment I would use 2-5 times a year and while it depreciates.

Good luck.
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