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You wont believe this!!!!

Today I was out mowing one of usual clients and a guy drove up and asked me if I wanted to buy a backpack blower. He said that it was just like the one I had, which is a Stihl 550. He really didn't know much at all about the blower so I thought it was going to be some BS homeowner crap. He said just wait right here and I'll bring it by. When he returned it was what he said and I was shocked.

You wont believe what this guy sold me this blower for.......$60. I almost broke my hand reaching in my pocket to get the money out.

He said that it was his but he didn't need it because he had a homeowner blower that was already to much for his yard. I dont know if he stole it but I asked and he said no, so I felt thats all I could do.

Was this great or what!!!!!! What do you'll think?
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