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Originally Posted by mcwlandscaping
landscaping is where the money is, not in lawns, you need to have 120+ lawns that being a resi/comm mix before you can make any decent money off of mowing lawns. having stuff delivered is a royal pita, even when james (other LS member) does it, just because you have to arrange a time to meet and everything like that. SO much easier to do as much as possible yourself. You charge the customer your time and gas to go pick up materials and to take stuff away. I can make money off lawns right now because im too young to be a registered and insured company, but im not going to build up the business in lawns just so when im 18 and paying all the taxes and insurance i have to haul azz to get landscaping jobs to make money to pay for all that and still make actually pay myself.
I think that is where you are not seeing the light. Lawns are a weekly income, you will have work to do every week, now and in 3 months. Landscaping isn't. You can make some good money landscaping, but you have to have the expensive equipment to really make out like a bandit (backhoes, large dump trucks, etc etc).

Here is a quote from justmowit about landscaping vs. mowing income:
Originally Posted by JustMowIt
I agree to net $200K on 2M sales sounds about right if you are doing landscaping, hardscape, fertilizing etc. , since so much of those gross sales dollars go to materials, managers, supervisors, plants, expensive heavy duty trucks, etc..... That is why large landscape companies have such huge sales figures 5, 6,7, 10 Million annually, but net dollars is only 10 or 11%.

This same math does not apply to companies who only mow, net dollars is about twice that on poorly run operations and 3 times that on well run operations that watch expenses
Gross, money is there. Net, I don't know.......
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