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Originally Posted by lordmaximus240
I shopped a couple of dealers and prices were about $100 difference. I looked at some used mowers that had the snot beat out of them. No one had any leftover 04 or 05 models. With what I sold my belt drive for I came out pretty good and paid cash for it.
I really like it and I know my productivity will go up, still very happy with it. Gonna try in Feb to get a quick 36 so I can get in those gated backyards.
Positive cash flow been real good this year. Even though the crooked oil companies are screwing us.
No question, it is eXmark best wb in the market, eventhough the price is a joke now. Productivity will soar up but once you get a hold on a Z, you will change your mind, like me....
happy cutting.
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