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I would imagine a crew would be fine for plowing, you actually have some side windows to look out of. I hate extended cab side windows, they're too small for anything, there might as well be sheet metal over them. Best visibility is standard cabs and crews, I'm partial to standards though.

I would never buy a truck unless it had a long box, which makes it impossible for me to ever buy a crew cab because the truck gets to be like steering the titanic in a hurry. But if you can get away with a short box, go for the crew cab.

plowing with a crew cab will suck big time IMO, ive been plowing for a long time (yea i know i don't even have my license yet) in just an ext cab and that can be a pita at times.
There you go talking about stuff you have no clue about again. And you were talking about plowing in a suburban in your other thread. Now THAT'S a PITA my friend.

Go hard, go fast, or go home

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