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Originally Posted by tacoma200
Sawman said they were easy to diagnose if you had the equipment and software and I was really wanting to know what you need and what it would cost. Part of the reason is the dealers around here dont want to fool with them so I was also checking if price of the equipment might be the reason. I'm sold on EFI as soon as I can get someone to work on it around here. It was a heads up serious question. I was thinking you needed a code reader and he said something about software and I'm wanting to learn since carbs will be obsolete in a few years. Thanks..
My dealer which I will see at church in a few minutes says it takes one $300.00 piece of diagnostic equipment and that is it . That is not a high dollar piece of equipment, I just think a lot of dealers don't want to put forth the effort to get involved and they are going to have to some where along the line. I no they realize this is the top technology or I think they do and they may as well bite the bullet and learn how to work on them, my dealer said he had not had to work on enough efi's to even remember if he had or not other than change a few relays and this is not the efi's fault.
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