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it will catch on soon

it is out there. my customers love the idea that they are helping the environment and creating a safer atmosphere for their children and pets. Also, the great thing with this type of lawn care is that they brag about going organic. People naturally enjoy bragging about doing good, and they see this as their small way of helping the environment and being more healthy. Even if a customer is on a bridge program they will tell their friends, family, and neighbors about how they have reduced the chemicals on their lawn. Once people realize you can have an organic lawn that looks just the same, and sometimes better than a chemical lawn, you will see the demand increase.

it obviously works better than the traditional if using quality organic fertilizers with proper cultural practices. in my opinion the four biggest problems are:

1. (Impatient Society) People are impatient and are used to the 46-0-0 green up. Organics is a process, not a quick chemical band aid. In a society where if you want to lose 50 lbs. you go get liposuction rather than work out and eat healthy. With this type of mindset it is hard to sell a product that is almost twice the price and takes 2-3 years to really see the improvements.

2. (High Costs/Prices) Initially the programs cost and are priced higher, but once you get a healthy/improved soil you will use less insecticides and fungicides. Again can you convince new customers to stick with you through that transition period? On your business side. Are you willing to wait 3 years to begin to make the a substantial profit?

3. Weeds. There is no non-selective organic herbicide that works like 3-Way, Speedzone, Trimec, Etc... Green Guardian's weed and feed from my experience is just a fertilizer. Until someone develops a natural weed control like 3-Way then it will be tough to convince high maintenance customers that some weeds are OK.

4. Customers have to change their ways and correct their cultural practices with organic lawn care. I am constantly trying to educate our customers, but there are always 20% or so that will not listen to a young man when they have been mowing their lawn like a putting green for the past 20 years. Aeration and overseeding is a big part of organic lawncare to, and majority of customers see these extra services as scams or unnecessary.

I think the natural way IS the future. I don't think we will get away from chemicals completely. BUT, I feel like there is an alarming amount of unnecessary chemicals being applied out there, many times incorrectly too. I used to work for a company for 8 years before I started my own thing. They used to blanket cover yards with herbicide every single application. Most lawns had 6-7 weeds in it. They never taught me not to blow the fertilizer/premergents/insecticides down the driveway into the street where it can be washed into the sewers. Education will increase the demand. Spread the word.
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