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You can make ALOT of money cutting grass!!! You do not need 120 lawns to make a killing.

MCW we are trying to help you out, since we have been there before. When i was 17 i decided to start mowing lawns. Dad rushed out and bought me a exmark 60in lazer liquid cooled (which i paided him the 9k back). When i turned i formed a legal business bought a 32k 3/4 ton and a 18 ft enclosed trailer. Now i was 18 years old going down the road with almost 50k worth of equipment cutting grass. I could of made alot more money if i had 1/3 of the overhead.

Getting deliveries is not a PITA. Even though i am only 20 all my supplier know i am the real deal. I just make a call and my supplies are there when i want them, even if i am not on the job site. The point i am trying to make is i do BIG projects and it does not make financial sense to pickup materials. I can't understand how you can think the 2600 dollor dump insert will make you money.

To many people let their egos run their business. Wait till you guys see how i am going to run my company as i grow. I am forgetting the way other hardsape design/build companies do things (equipment, trucks, labor, managment) and coming up with my own more efficent, cost effective system.

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