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Originally Posted by puppypaws
I'll tell you one thing Tacoma the speeds I was able to cut at earlier has changed. I was cutting dry grass that was not growing and I could fly through it, now we have gotten rain and the Crab grass and Signal grass cuts like baling twine
and it has slowed me down probably 20% where I was cutting at 15 mph I can now only cut maybe 11 or 12 mph and it is pulling the guts out of the 28 efi. I'm really sold on the efi from the experience I have had with mine but I sure would take some more HP like maybe a 35 efi if Hustler would build it for me. I mow pretty low but I have noticed the problem you mentioned with not as clean a cut when you have to cut higher, I wonder what would remedy this situation do you think the turbulence is causing a problem? It seems to me if the grass was standing up and you have sharp blades turning the same speed when you are cutting lower it should cut it just as clean up higher, this is a little baffling. I wish Hustler would tell us what they think might be happening to cause this, I'm putting the kit under my deck this week just to see if there is a difference.
I have noticed my Hustler does not cut real good high on St.Augustine grass. The way the front is designed if you raise the deck up you are going to lose alot of vacumm. I think this would cause a majority of the problem. For me I like the mower the way it is,I bought it to blow out big properties quick for smaller ST.Augustine I use Mid sized walk behinds for going for quality. For the kind of cutting I do I never take a ZTR as a serious high end cutter for my lawns. When it comes to high end work I find the modern ZTR to be a turf tearing pig that likes too scalp. This is for the cutting I do, all areas are different and require different machines to be efficient.
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