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I think he's right puppypaws

Originally Posted by REALSLOW
I have noticed my Hustler does not cut real good high on St.Augustine grass. The way the front is designed if you raise the deck up you are going to lose alot of vacumm. I think this would cause a majority of the problem. For me I like the mower the way it is,I bought it to blow out big properties quick for smaller ST.Augustine I use Mid sized walk behinds for going for quality. For the kind of cutting I do I never take a ZTR as a serious high end cutter for my lawns. When it comes to high end work I find the modern ZTR to be a turf tearing pig that likes too scalp. This is for the cutting I do, all areas are different and require different machines to be efficient.
I think it's the front lip of the deck causing it to loose vacuum on taller grass. They sell a piece that goes all the way across the front of the deck to help with bagging which would also give it more lift. I'm waiting for some one else to figure this out for sure before I put any more money in the mower. My cut is not terrible but not great at 3.5" to 4" I mow side by side with the Exmark to make sure and the Exmark side each blade of grass has been stood up (by the lift of the deck) and cut even while the hustler has blades of grass that are sticking up higher than the rest. If you go over a dip it is very apparent that the Hustler looses all the suction because thats where you see alot of grass cut very unevenly. Pj gave me the part number for this baffle on one of the Hustler post but I don't have it with me at this time.
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