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That was what TLS was telling me, about the front baffle

Originally Posted by REALSLOW
What hustler did was make a Z turn deck to show what this thing can do for maximum productivity in open areas that do not get cut all the time with tall long stingers.. They should have a front baffel section you can buy to lower the front baffel along with the bolt on front strip you are talking about. That will stand all the grass up better and should fix your problem. Hustler should get to work on something like this so they will have a deck for all ocassions. For me the stock setup is great the front is designed not as low to keep from pushing the stingers all the way over so they stand back up easier and get cut lower. For wide open cutting where I am at the machine is great and I commend Hustler but they need to help you all solve your problem. I bought this machine for a certain cutting condition and Hustler decided a while ago for what I was doing there was a need for the XR7. I got lucky and bought a Hustler just because they looked like they were the best engineered and made but little did I realize the machine was designed specifically what I wanted it for. I am real happy!
TLS was telling me that about the front baffle. The way it's set up as you say it can cut large overgrown areas down in a heart beat. The XR7 deck takes almost no power away from the engine the way the Ultracut with the baffles and supper lift does. So you get a faster but not as smooth a cut. Makes a great bush hog on two week jobs. I'm going to take some picture for TLS as soon as I get some time. He has had experience with lowering baffles. Hustler is slow about returning my emails when they do. Hard to get answers for these questions so it's a good thing we have this board. Looking at the map Norther grasses are used in most of the country so I don't understand why Hustler which says they have done extensive test on the XR7 deck does not have answers on how to set it up properly for Northern grasses. Shady Brook has been on the Hustler forum trying to get answers and so far he hasn't been able to get the cut he's looking for. He's tried spacing the blades down, doubles, different blades etc. This is the smooth cut I'm looking for. This is the Exmark in very heavy grass with recent rains. Every blade is the same height. No little straglers or rough look to the cut.
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