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Once again it has been proven that LCO's can run their businesses differently from one another and still find success. Balancing or not balancing...seems like something you'll never get everyone to agree on, just like Chevy vs. Ford. It's another question that finds an answer that's neither right nor wrong, just a personal preference.

IMO balancing a blade probably a good thing for a very short period of time, but I don't do it for various reasons. I used to balance each blade but quit doing last year because of the very reason someone else mentioned...have you ever taken off a dull blade and checked to see how out of balance it is?? Don't scrape it down, don't do anything to it, just throw it on whatever you use for a balancer and 99% of the time that blade will not be in balance. At what point did it become unbalanced? How long has that blade been used while being out of balance? You don't know for sure, it could have hit something right away and been out of whack the whole time.

But again, we all run our businesses differently and whatever you feel works best in your it. Now does anyone know how to manufacture rain???

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