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KSSS, you're right on man. Productivity is sexy. From someone who used the hell out of our 277 when we had it (just sold it today, actually) there really was no better machine for what we were using it for. But, now that the job is over and we won't be taking on any more orchard removals, having a tracked machine just doesn't appeal to us. Sure we'd love to keep it, but that doesn't pay the bills. The machine really performed well pushing small apple trees into piles so our 312 could stack and burn them. With our sandy soil we needed all the traction we could get. Our whole intent on buying the 277 was for that task alone, then we realized we could use it on our landscape sites as well. But as it turns out, I can get along just fine without a dedicated track machine for our landscape jobs. About the only thing I'll miss about that machine was the horsepower and lift capacity, that's it. Needless to say, great machine, but not for our needs and I'm sad to see it go.

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