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I have had my cat 246b for 4 or 5 months now and 98 operating hours. Before i bought it, i was also looking at tracked machines, but just couldn't afford them. There has only been 1 job where i wish i had a tracked unit and that was working on a steep hill after a week of rain.

For what i do, i think the wheeled unit was the way to go. I operating in some tight areas where i have to make 180 degree turns to get where i need to go. I also am also running on and off pavement to move materials.

Sure tracked machines tear up the grass less. But on the job i am on i brought in 100 yards of fill, 50 yards of top soil, 45 yards of mulch, 55 tons of qp, etc, etc. No matter what machine you use, moving that much material will rut stuff up.

I am 100% pleased with my purchuse!
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