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Originally Posted by mowerdave
We usually deal with Blue grass and Fescue. I have been dealing with small patches of Bermuda grass showing up and spreading rapidly. Last summer, I sprayed with Round up, tilled, and reseeded. Looked good all summer, but now it appears to be popping back up almost one year later. Any suggestions are appreciated.
When you sprayed one time and tilled that was a mistake, I have been killing Bermuda grass for years in my fields that I farm and I found that I spray 2 qts. of Roundup and leave it alone for plenty of time to see how much more will come up from rhizomes left in the ground. I then go back and spray it again at the same strength, it is then better not to disturb the ground but to inter seed right through the dead Bermuda, it is what we call no till planting. Seed extra heavy and this should do away with your Bermuda problem, when you disturb the ground by tilling you can actually scatter the Bermuda over more area by scattering the rhizomes.
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