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what he said aobut the 5.4 wasnt offered untill 97

the engine choices for 95/96 were

4.9 300 strt6 145hp 260ftlb
5.0 302 v8 195hp 270ft
5.8 351 v8 220hp 330ft

all are great very proven pushrod engines and are much much easier to take care of when compared to the newer sohc 4.6 and 5.4, ive had the "pleasure" of chaging plugs and wire on a 97 with the 4.6 and let me tell you never again it took like 2 hours and was a huge pain when i could do it to a 5.0 or 5.8 in aobut 20min with little pain at all

i personally own 2 f150s a 92 302 and a 95 351w both are 2wd 5spds with roughly 140k miles very basic and are as realiable as can be and also very very easy to work on

the only difference between 95 and 96 are the 95s are OBDI and the 96 are OBDII and you may want to check your emmisions laws because around here as of sep 1 2007 anything pre OBDII will be exempt from emmisions (yipee)which is one reason why im glad mine is a 95 as it will not pass

i would also consider getting a 3/4ton aka f250 since the same engines were avalible as well as the

460 V8 245hp 400ft
7.3 turbo deisel not sure on specs but there simaler to the 460 and both are also good engines

this will alow you to pull alot more with the bigger brakes and heavyer suspention and dont cost that much more than a f150

also definitly get 4wd

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