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Originally Posted by joed
I agree with everyone's posts. I have both the Redmax 8000 and Stihl BR600 with the 4 mix engine. For everday use, the Stihl is better designed, much lighter, more fuel efficient and it blows slightly more than the Echo PB650/750. The Redmax is heavier and sucks up more fuel but it is much stronger than the Stihl and always my blower of choice. Echo has just come out with a new blower, the 755 in the Canadian market. It's orange in colour and is a bit more powerful than the PB750
Unless I am wrong both of these units are new models, why be the test engr. for the company? The big Echo PB750 is plenty big and heavy and tested. These big backpacks are not very useable year round unless you are a weight lifter. Real good in leaves not good on doing 25 small residential yards in the middle of the summer.
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