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Originally Posted by saw man
The engine loses compression on those models because they do not chrome the cylinder. Once you chrome the cylinder you get a lot more life. Stihl used to say they had a life span of 1000 hours, Husky said from 1000 - 2000 hours.

He is cutting 6" and less, that tell me he is moslty limbing. A top handled saw would be the best for that application. Have you ever used one?

2 of the Huskys have a 50 hour EPA rating, which means that is how long the engine will be EPA compliant for, not engine life.

Explain how Husky is not the saw they used to be? What saw is?
ya your right chrome the cylinders on the poulan pros give it a little more then twice the life but they also have 2 rings compared to the single ring the poulans use. but there bushing wear quick then they lose compression past the crank bushings. when they get hot they lose power until they just wont run anymore..

I have used many top handle saws they are good for climbing, but I wouldnt use them on the ground. as a evryday saw for saftey reasons kickback.

These engines lose the EPA compliant rating because the rings and cylinders get to lose, and dont burn clean anymore.

Husky was bought by electrolux which is poulan, weedeaters, parent company.

I have heard from friends that some of there models are set up just like poulans in orange husky bodys.

Stihl makes good saw also, but I have had a few that were just to hard to start like my old O44-O26.
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