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Originally Posted by jazak
J&R you must NOT have a 36" Metro. You guys aren't understnading what I said. A 36" deck means the width of the mower is 36" same thing goes for a 48" and so on. A 36" DECK DOES NOT REPEAT NOT MEAN THAT THE DECK IS 36" BUT THE MOWER IS 37",38",39",40" EXT IN TOTAL WIDTH. If you stil don't understand let me know. Like J&R said the Husky 350 is a very handy little saw and is light but powerfull.
I should have clarified, Jazak your right. I forgot to mention mine is wider because i have a bagger adapter on it and it sticks out a bit. If you read the manuals, some will have a wider transport width even with the chute up but it again depends on the make and model of the machine.
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