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longest rock launch...

It happened last year. GD Surfer with doubles.Just finished this particular lawn,then went next door to do the neighbor's lwn. I thought that I had hit something. Stopped and looked around the yard. Nothing to be found. Went back to cutting. 2 mintes later the wife from the first lawn is chasing me and the machine down the row, waving a baseball at me. I stop and she asks me to come over to her house. The baseball went thru the double "E" pane Bay window, just missed the chandelier, thru both sides of the dining room/kitchen wall, across the kitchen to the opposite kitchen wall. It was partially imbedded in the final wall. She was not upset...just fascinated with the whole scenario. It ended-up costing me about $400.00 to do the repairs,myself. Did NOT want to run it thru the Ins. Co., for I have used them before and ended-up paying dearly for it. The approximate distance between the mower and the window was about 75-80 feet. Approximately 150 feet to the last wall. $100.00 just for the pane of glass in the window.
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