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One other thing to consider about Gray machines (not buying them) is the engine Tier emissions rating. In California, there is a huge crunch on contractors to have at least a Tier II Engine, which is quickly being pahsed out and replaced by Tier III engines. Essentially, each time you go up a Tier on the engine emission ratings, your NOX and other tailpipe emissions are reduced (typically by about 15%). Anyways, most Gray machines are not intended for North American use, and therefore, do not meet emission requirements. Most recent North American-made products have both EPA and CARB (California Air Resource Board) certification numbers printed on the engine serial number plates. In some cases, local authorites here have shut down jobs and in other cases red-tagged machines for not meeting Tier requirements. And, I've been told, once your into the database as a violator, there's no getting out.
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