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Originally Posted by Envy Lawn Service
And your point to all of this would be what???....
To say "hey look at me... I like being a pest so much that I don't mind looking like a moron."

News flash.... most commercial mowers do good to bring 50 cents on the dollar used.
Especially when auctioned... unless a couple of dummies get to fighting over it.
Doesn't matter what brand it is.

Diesels and big-name brands will occasionally fair better... as in Toro or John Deere..

Case in point, I screwed up and screwed myself out of getting a 23/52" Scag with the collection system and almost no hours off Ebay for about what the bagger cost new. Why? at the time, the Scag fans were busy in a bid war fighting over a big Turf Tiger and the rest of the guys were doing the same over a Toro.
I am just curious as to weather or not the public is catching on to how high quality the Z 2 is as you say ? I mean according to you it is just as good as my Hustler spec for spec and 2000$ cheaper so it should fair well right? This is the perfect auction for my test.

B.s I find the products people want do well and the ones that don't follow the Mr. Hainey rule of 50 cents on the $!
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