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Originally Posted by REALSLOW
OK, I want to see how far off base I am. Now if a new MTD Lesco Z 2 is 6899 then with my Mr. Haney formula it should bring around 50 cents on the $ of a new one. I figure it to go for around 3600$.

Could someone please provide the link? Thanks!
I was slightly off in my Mr.Hainey calculations but not by much only a 150$. It would appear my formula is fairly accurate would it not! It looks like the guy may be lieing about down sizing, looks like a big trailer in the back ground? I wonder if he has a new Hustler in there? wouldn't suprise me however.

I will not give you 6899 for a new Z2 when I can get a new Super Z for a little over a thousand more but I will dam sure give you 3750 for one that is almost like new.

Would someone please provide a link to the auction ? so we can compare to other makes and models to try and get an idea of resale for machines.
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