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Originally Posted by REALSLOW
I was slightly off in my Mr.Hainey calculations but not by much only a 150$. It would appear my formula is fairly accurate would it not! It looks like the guy may be lieing about down sizing, looks like a big trailer in the back ground? I wonder if he has a new Hustler in there? wouldn't suprise me however.

I will not give you 6899 for a new Z2 when I can get a new Super Z for a little over a thousand more but I will dam sure give you 3750 for one that is almost like new.

Would someone please provide a link to the auction ? so we can compare to other makes and models to try and get an idea of resale for machines. Tell me if this is what you want or do you want to see all Z mowers on eBay? When you click on this it will carry you to the auction you were watching.
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