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Walker Recalls!!

I received 2 Walker recall bulletins I will bring to your attention.

1. Recall bulletin #01134 -Replace Deck counterweight springs.-

Models affected: All Decks affected s/n 2203 thru 62874

Purpose: Hook breaking possibly injuring operator.

A new spring design has swivel hook on one end to increase durability and reduce failure.

New spring attaches swivel end to deck, rigid end to tractor body.

Parts required: order (1) Replacement spring kit p/n 5743-5

Warranty covered.


2. Recall bulletin #01142 -Remount PTO Safety Switch -

Models affected: Model MC/MD/MT S/N 01-49578 thru 01-54787

Purpose: Orientation of pto safety switch has allowed debris to accumulate in the actuation arm hinge, stopping switch funtion. Both the operator seat safety function and the Powerfil (if GHS equipped) are disabled when this switch does not operate.

A design change remounts the switch "upside down" to prevent this problem.

Parts required: (1) P/N 5942-7 Switch relocation upgrade kit

Warranty covered

Sorry, my scanner crapped out, or i would have made as an attachment.


Good luck!!
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