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You ran each zone twice and your sure you got the water out................
I have had other companies the wrong house, blow first - knock after, front of me. I always re-winterize and I almost always get water. Depending on the controller and how well I know the system, I always try and blow the last valve first and then run the cycle. I then re-run each valve until I get virtually no water from any of the head when I go back to that valve. I have played the on/off game with some zones for six or more times after the main is dry to get that odd low point or long run of swing pipe to evacuate. This is one of those things you "learn" after doing a few ten thousand blow-outs. Kind of like how tight to get that screw on that brass bonnet. I always liked to tell the pups that you "twist till it snaps and then back it off 1/4 turn" They get that dumb look and ask how you know and I tell them! "you have to break a few and then you'll get it".
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