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Originally Posted by bicmudpuppy
Kind of like how tight to get that screw on that brass bonnet. I always liked to tell the pups that you "twist till it snaps and then back it off 1/4 turn" They get that dumb look and ask how you know and I tell them! "you have to break a few and then you'll get it".
Got a work order yesterday that I sent my partner out on because I was busy working on a plot plan for a new school in oder to create a zone map for it. Problem stated was that a particular zone wasn't coming on with the controller. I advised him to check the controller but if this was not the problem to NOT touch the valve (I indicated where it was at on a zone map). The valve is an old Buckner brass valve with brass butterfly screw to manually activate. It is also inside a concrete box located smack dab in the middle of a sidewalk. I told him that if it wasn't the controller that I'd take a look at it and break it if necessary.

Come to find out that the zone (between two buildings) was just zeroed out from roofing/AC renovation over the summer. The site guy had zeroed it out and forgotten he'd done it.
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