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Originally Posted by Sandgropher
some are coming a long way they probally thinking they are getting a local half the time, I wish they would stay in there town and us in ours and we would all be better off i reckon (less windshield time)
About a year ago I had one account that was a bit out of the way but I saw another guy there regularly that has several accounts in the immediate area. Same for me, I had a few in an area and I'd see him drive down the street and twenty minutes later leaving.
Kinda funny we were eating breakfast one morning at the same place and that subject came up, he had one account where I had 4 all within 1/2 mile of it, I had one near where he had 5. We were each familiar with the size of each others lawn in the areas we were talking about, approx the same income off of each so we traded. Now less 10-15 minutes less windshield time for both of us.
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