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Guys, we're in the process of moving to a bigger building. While moving, we're getting rid of the crap that piled up that we're never going to use. So, all I have left to get rid of that we really don't want to haul around is a Warren 2 ton V-Box salter made of stainless. I can't find the controller, but you can buy another one for a couple hundred dollars from Cannon Equipment. This is what it comes down to: First $1,000.00 in cash takes it. Yes, first $1K takes it. But, it has to go down by Sunday because we are done moving on Sunday so it either has to go with, or it has to go with one of you. The salter was used for one season. We don't need it and I'm too lazy to haul it around. A bobcat will be available to load it in your truck. All you need is an 8 foot bed. Call me on my cell phone any time if your interested. We're taking our internet down tonight, so I won't have internet access.


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