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"Hi... our grass here in NC doesn't stripe real easy like it does for those guys up north. Even the cool season grasses here are stiffer than they are up there during more sunny years like this one... unless it's a shade lawn of course. I guess it's the intensity of the sun that makes our grasses so hard/coarse. "

Envy sometime take a close up of your cool season grasses and post it. Up here we cut at 3.25 to 3.75 with a few shorter and longer. But where I live we don't see a cloud all summer most yrs. We are in Wa St but it's all desert here with 300 days of sunshine per yr. So the sun may not be the difference. We have a dry heat you have a humid heat. I'm thinking maybe you just have a mix of cool season grasses mixed in with the your southern turf. Just not enough to stripe easily. Just trying to figure out the difference. I don't need the striper roller out here to stripe with the Hustler at all it stripes without it, but thats how easy this grass lays over.

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