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Originally Posted by par69
I understand that fine fescue works good in shade. But rye will too with some extra tlc.
That's really not true. Perennial ryegrass is not rated for use in shady conditions. Any manufacturer of the seed will tell you this as will all the sod farms that use perennial ryegrass sod (as they all do here in OR.)

It's true that you can of get ryegrass established in shady areas. Especially in the summer and especially if it's sod. But long-term survival is usually not possible. It's more than just T.L.C. It's constantly receding and thinning out to less than 50% coverage every winter and then always having to re-seed in the spring. It's overseeding and fertilizing at very heavy rates just to keep it looking half-way decent the rest of the year. I've been doing this over 10 years and we have managed hundreds of lawns and continue to manage about 170 each week. I never see perennial ryegrass thrive in a shady area. At best we can get it to look half-way decent. But it never looks what I would consider good.

Fescue is really where you have to go if you area dealing with full shade.
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